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Contemporary Living Model For Everyone

Our initiative zeroes in on integrating technology with the design, so to invent ahead-of-time living models. Our tech-derived vision teams up with architects to engineer much- awaited and-needed software solutions for hospitality centers.

Thousands Of Ingenious Projects Worldwide

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Building Services & Consumer Electronics

Our resume entails building services that specifically capture consumer electronics. We reap learnings from technical dwelling to bind it with corresponding verticals like hospitality hubs. Our services cover augmentation of the power of voice assistants, for the means of hospitality centers.

What’s Our

Deal with Alexa?

Derived from Home-Smart feature, Alexa is one step further in enhancing the value of traditional way of living, especially hospitality centers.
For every tedious solution, for which you would call reception or leave a note on intercom, such hassles are gone with the advent of skill-augmented Alexa.
We customize commands as per the need of every room in a hotel, with a focus on reducing human interventions at all the time. We empower Alexa with hotel-specific, voice-capturing skills to follow up on guests’ request every time and any time.


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Change Live To The Best

We strive to uplift the current status of human living to its next version. We integrate advanced commands—meant to shift the accommodation experience in a hotel—with modern breakthroughs like voice recognition devices, like Alexa.

Start With A Vision

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Convenient Automation

To ease the day of our lives, we strive to automate every action that needs less of human attention. To keep up with the pace of a dynamic look of our surroundings, we endeavor to inculcate software skills in existing electronic apparatus, to make them smarter and intelligent.

Education & Upgrowth

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